Friday, June 7, 2013

Northern power booster.Rosenroot.

Roseroot (Rosenrot in Norwegian) is a plant that lives in the colder climate areas like the Arctic and it’s growing throughout Norway. You can often find it growing straight out of cliff sides.
In the recent years there have been lots of fuss about the roseroot plant because it is said to have many medical qualities, but it has actually been used in folk medicine for over 3000 years.
Later studies has shown roseroot to be a great medical herb. The list of beneficial qualities is long!
Roseroot is known to improve memory, good against depression, stabilize blood pressure, reducing stress hormones, contains lots of antioxidants, stabilize cholesterol and blood sugar levels and probably much more.
There is also being done research to check its qualities against cancer.
I have to mention that roseroot is a libido booster for both woman and men so I guess you can call it natures own viagra! The herb is being sold in many health food stores here in Norway and I believe it’s pretty big business. Have you ever seen roseroot for sale?